Children going hungry in the U.K. in 2019!

The Trussell Trust, whose aim is to end hunger and poverty in the UK, said that more than 87,000 emergency food parcels were handed out to children during the summer holidays last year and warns that the figure could be even higher this year.
Over a third of all emergency food parcels distributed by food banks in the Trussell Trust’s UK-wide network go to children, but there is extra financial pressure during the holiday period for families who are entitled to free school meals during term time.

Some examples of what is happening around the country.
An article in the Birmingham Mail highlights how holiday hunger is a huge issue for many families in Birmingham.
“More than 49,000 children in the city are eligible for free school meals - and, for some, this is their only substantial meal of the day.
This means that when it comes to the holidays, many of these children are living on baked beans, junk food or tiny snacks as parents struggle to make ends meet.
That's why Sport Birmingham has put on a programme called Healthy Happy Holidays, funded by the Department for Education, to respond to the high demand for free food this summer.
"We know there are children whose only meal of the day is their free school dinner," said Joy Wood, children's services leader for family support in Erdington and Castle Vale children's centres.
"Some arrive without having breakfast and then, when they get home, they might just have a snack, or nothing at all.
"Some children are learning to cope on these tiny amounts of food.”
"This has been an ongoing concern for us for a number of years."
Again, in Harwich, according to the Harwich and Manningtree Standard, children in Harwich and Dovercourt are getting free nutritious meals throughout the summer holidays.
A scheme to feed youngsters from four schools in the area during school holidays takes place at Harwich Arts and Heritage Centre, in Dovercourt.
In Keynsham near Bristol, the owners of the Crown Inn, are aiming to feed youngsters who would otherwise be getting free meals at school by providing lunches and take-away dinners to any child who wants one – with no purchase necessary and no questions asked.
The pub gives away dozens of meals every day (around 250 homemade meals in a week) – and on Fridays they host a free party, with a buffet, for over 100 local children.
ITV news reports the owners as saying that while the meals are aimed at families who are struggling financially, the pub is running the scheme with a no-questions-asked policy.
The meals are currently being funded by the Crown, but Mr Yeomans, a co-owner, hopes donations will start to come in to help support the venture.
“If we can get donations that’s great so we don’t have to fund it all ourselves, because it is going to be an expensive thing,”

Amazing help, but what a bad indictment of a country’s priorities.