National School Sport Week

This week is National School Sport Week, initiated by the Youth Sport Trust (YST).

And, in an article on the YST website, its Chief Executive, Ali Oliver, gives a timely reminder that:

Pupils are being taught fewer hours of Physical Education than they were a decade ago. Our recent analysis of all subjects taught in UK schools has shown that PE has faced bigger cuts than almost any other subject.

It comes at a time when the wellbeing of young people is in decline with too many struggling with issues that a good quality Physical Education could support them with.

It is perhaps encouraging that, in a YouGov poll initiated by YST, it was found that 64% of UK adults agreed that PE should be a core subject on the National Curriculum, alongside English, Maths and Science.

On a broader front, the NHS guidance is for children aged five to eighteen to do one hour’s exercise per day. Sport England figures suggest, however, only 17.5% of children achieve this daily target.

YST’s Ali Oliver goes on to say:

“The development of young people’s physical literacy and provision of opportunities to enjoy sport, play and physical activity should be a core part of every young person’s education”: and re-emphasizes YST’s view that “ a transformed Physical Education should be on a par with Maths and English in the curriculum.” and that YouGov research suggests that the majority of people agree.

So here is what YST, a charity, is doing practically to address these concerns during YST National School Sport Week:

The charity “will campaign and shine a light on the importance of PE and school sport for young people’s wellbeing, and between 24 to 28 June schools across the country will celebrate and promote how PE and sport are helping young people to experience the widely recognised ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’ – being active, connecting, giving back, learning and taking notice.

Anyone can take part in YST National School Sport Week by signing up at The charity will share key developments and provide free resources with schools and supporters to help promote events, offer tips and ideas for getting the most out of the week.

It’s good to know that this event, which is bound to shape the thinking and lives of many children, will be taking place throughout the country this week.