Food in schools in Scotland

"Walking the Talk" on food in schools and for all young people in Scotland

Yesterday Nicola Sturgeon launched, at the Royal Highland Show, a food education programme for children and young people.

She writes on the SNP website that “it is vital that children here [Scotland] benefit from healthy, locally produced food. That is at the heart of being a Good Food Nation.

I was delighted to launch a new Good Food Futures programme today [Friday], which will provide a range of education activities from the early years through to young adulthood.

The £1 million funding will also provide more farm visits for more children, so they grow up understanding where their food comes from. ”

The First Minister goes on to say: “Farmers in particular play a pivotal role in producing food and protecting and enhancing our natural environment. Many are already playing their part using technology and more sustainable farming methods and land use. There is more they can do but only if we see them as part of the solution to our climate change challenges.”

The Times reports that the programme will also teach children how to cook healthy meals and encourage schools to put more local food on their menus.

The breadth and width of the Good Food Futures food education programme can be seen from the partnerships involved:

Royal Highland Education Trust (RHET) through farm visits and farm events. Children will learn about where food comes from and about farming in Scotland.

Education Scotland and Food for Thought. The Food For Thought programme has been running for several years and provides funding to support schools in teaching teach children about growing and cooking healthy food.

Soil Association though the Food for Life Programme aims to stimulate more local sourcing through a holistic approach encompassing catering and supply chain work and education.

Through Scotland Food and Drink, Scottish Ministers are supporting the Food and Drink Federation to deliver a package of support for children and young people to learn about and enjoy good food and to encourage young people into careers in the food industry.

Well done Nicola and Scotland for taking the initiative and providing the funding to ensure it happens.