What is Trump doing to our children?


Some people wonder why I do not use the question “what are we doing for our children?” rather than “What are we doing to our children”

Well, I believe, one only has to look at what President Trump is doing in the U.S.A. to see why.

See in the video below New York children read the words of their peers held in U.S. Border Patrol facilities. (Credit The New York Times)

And an excellent article in the Ms. Magazine, written by the co-founder and CEO of Child Aid, Nancy Press, spells out exactly what he is doing TO our children. Here are a few quotes from that article (my emphasis):

“As the numbers of children and youths amassed in U.S. detention centers are skyrocketing, with a 57 percent increase from this time last year alone, the Trump administration cancelled the meager education, recreation and legal services it’s legally bound to provide by a federal court.

“Separated from their parents or guardians and living in cages disguised as detention camps on U.S. soil, these minors have never been more in need of educational resources, physical outlets and, of course, legal guidance. To deny them these basics is to treat these young people as less than human.”

“Does our nation have the stomach for doling out this abusive treatment? Have we forgotten these are children?“

And Nancy Press provides practical solutions to address the crisis:

“To truly attack the root causes of the current migration crisis, these vulnerable youth and their families need systematic quality education, decent healthcare, employment and a government willing to enforce the rule of law.

As a morally-centered people we should not allow our government to besmirch our values by denying the least powerful among us the right to learn, play and have legal advisement.“

Read the full article here

See here for the positive things some children are doing for themselves

To or For?