A practical example to address a serious concern

A few weeks ago I happened to be tuned into BBCTV at lunchtime and saw Rev. Canon Dr. Rosemarie Mallett, vicar of St. John’s Church, Angell Town in Brixton, London, making an eloquent plea for churches to be open between 3pm and 6pm. Rev. Mallett was particularly alarmed by the number of deaths and injuries caused by knife stabbings, so her idea was for churches to become "safe places" for children - particularly during those critical after-school hours.

The Rev. Mallett made this suggestion, among others, at the Church of England's General Synod, held at the University of York, where she spoke on the motion “Responding to Serious Youth Violence”

rev dr rosemarie mallett crop.jpg

The debate took place during the morning session of Saturday 6th July, 2019.

You can see Rev. Mallett present this motion on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKZ3B8wCmkY&t=1756s (between 32mins and 43mins approx).

Alternatively, listen to it here:

To me, her suggestion to keep churches open is a really good example of where someone, working in a specific field, and with a specific concern (in this case serious youth violence), provides a practical way to address the concern. A perfect example of what the Offices of Respondsability for Children was set up to do.

In an email to Rev. Mallett I made that point and was grateful for having received a speedy and encouraging reply.

In a further communication I was also encouraged to learn that, subsequent to the motion being carried, the hope was for churches throughout the land, wherever practically possible, to remain open during those hours. In fact the hope was that some churches would cluster together, especially in hotspot areas.

THE motion carried! Brilliant.