OORFC at Powderham Castle for a second visit

Yesterday I was scheduled to pitch the pop-up at Powderham from 10 -5.

Unfortunately it rained almost all the time and so, since I was outside in the courtyard, there were only a few opportunities to talk to people, even though there were several large parties taking guided tours of the Castle.


Rainy June!

However, one brave soul, an artist from Exmouth who kindly gave me permission to use the photograph below, became the very first person to fill in a potato Response Form there and then. I am finding that most people want to take their time over this, so they take the form away. I just hope that they are inspired to share their ideas either by photographing their reply and emailing it to OORFCexeter@gmail.com or use the On-line Response facility here on the website.


There was an international flavour to those who came to see what it was all about and talk - quite a few from Holland and even a couple from California. What was clearly apparent was that there are many concerns about what we are doing to our children, and many ideas put forward to shaping society for the better.

My next visit to Powderham will be on Tuesday 25th June, 10 - 5, and then at the June Art Month Private View on Friday 28th June, 19.00 - 21.00. Everyone welcome.

Pop-up OORFC has had its very first outing! This was to Powderham Castle on Monday 10th June, 2019

Although the weather was not as one hoped (for an early June day), interest in the project was considerably higher than I expected. Those visitors who agreed to participate in this pop-up ‘action’ (and there were more than I had anticipated), were given an ‘official’ bag, along with a carefully wrapped living potato and a stamped ‘official’ potato Response Form.

Of course, it is now a question of whether these visitors do indeed provide their responses to the question ‘What are we doing to our children’. It will be great if they do.

Clearly, from just talking to visitors, it is apparent that many varying concerns are there to be addressed in, using another Beuys’ phrase, ‘permanent conference’.

Here is pop-up OORFC in action: