We are not teaching our children how to protect their own future on their planet.

How to look after and protect the planet should be taught on a regular basis to every child from preschool until the end of secondary school. Nothing else will matter if the earth’s resources run out! 

Unfortunately too much is left in the hands of greedy world leaders, but hopefully we’re only one generation away from action. 

Children are subjected to so much killing in films, games, social media & on the news, that life itself is in danger of being undervalued. To counter this, whenever there is an appropriate opportunity, I draw attention to whomever I’m with, to the living things in the environment and contrast them with much of the dead, lifeless world that surrounds us, & to which so much attention is given. The dynamic development of living plants, which are vital in both senses of the word, serve as excellent examplars of this extraordinary and precious living world.