‘I don’t like living here' - Would you?

“PREMIER” has an audience of more than one million people every week across different media platforms, and represents a strong Christian voice in the UK. Part of what they do is to campaign on issues of concern to all Christians.
It recently posted an article on its website whereby it reported on the work being done in Mynamar by another Christian charity, Tearfund, who themselves are working closely other organisations.
Now, even if you are not religious, it is difficult not to praise the efforts and social objectives of organisations and charities such as this.
Here are some extracts from Premier’s article regarding Tearfund’s work in Mynamar:
Tearfund’s Rohingya response manager James Rana said: “Boredom [in the camps around Cox’s Bazar] is a real problem, especially for children and adolescents as it can lead them into trouble, so Tearfund’s local partners COAST [Coastal Association for Social Transformation Trust] and CCDB [Christian Commission for Development in Bangladesh] have been setting up adolescent clubs which are safe spaces for teenagers to meet, read, play and help them overcome some of the trauma they have experienced, whilst raising awareness on issues such as health and hygiene.”
For younger children, COAST and CCDB are providing child-friendly spaces where children can play, draw, write poems, talk to a trained therapist, do informal maths and sing songs together.
Tearfund is also adapting existing materials to make an improved curriculum for young people focussing on life skills, including business and leadership training.
A total of 700-800 children will access the 16 centres built by Tearfund, in groups of around 25-30. In the afternoons, the spaces double up as adult psycho-social centres. The new buildings will also become shelter houses in the event of cyclones, which tend to hit during October and November.

There’s still a lot of good going on throughout a troubling world.