If you are interested in what OORFC is doing, then please spread the word by inviting others to post their responses to the question “What are we doing to our children?” at OORFC.com.

And if you would consider creating your own pop-up office, then please contact Cliff Gorman at OORFCexeter@gmail.com for further details.

Pop-up Offices may well differ in appearances, that’s no problem.

However, uniformity, must be achieved by working on the principle that anyone, from any walk of life, can help sculpt/shape society to achieve beneficial social change. And that using the question ‘What are we doing to our children?’ can engender ideas that are practically implementable by the respondent. Sharing these ideas on the OORFC website allows the development of an easily accessed repository of ideas - all of which are designed, no matter how large or small, to make beneficial changes to society.

With the pop-up OORFC, potatoes are used as the symbol for childhood, and this should be part of the Pop-Up experience.

And, of course, the OORFC stamp on the potato Response Form makes it all ‘official’!

See here for a downloadable pdf of the construction of an office table that I used. (The pdf will open in a new window)


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