Youth respond to youth violence

If you live outside London or the south-east of England you may well not know of the housing association “Catalyst”. It was formed by the merger in 2002 of Kensington Housing Trust (formed 1926), Ealing Family Housing Association (formed 1963) and Northcote HA.

On Saturday 20th July, 2019 five young Brent residents, one aged just 13 and the others just 14, worked with Catalyst to organise and host the first ‘Stamp Out Youth Violence’ event at the Unity Centre - a thriving community hub in Brent, as reported on the Catalyst website and in the Kilburn Times.

Stamp Out poster

Stamp Out poster

All the organising teenagers are part of a Catalyst young person’s group that meet regularly after school and during the holidays.

How rewarding it must have been that over 80 people, of all ages, attended.

Here are two quotes from the article:

Shanice, one of the young organisers “The violence around here is affecting all of us, it’s on our front doors and it needs to stop. We organised this event because we want to develop in leadership, do well at school and be more active in solutions.”

Peaches Cadogan, Youth Engagement Practitioner at Catalyst said, “I meet with young people in Brent that are affected by violence in the borough every day, and they all want to do something positive about it. I call these five girls my queens, because they have a drive and vision that inspires me. This whole event was their idea and we want to keep it going. We will be back next year for sure.”

“Active in solutions”; not a bad motto, hey?